Established in 2008

The history of All Pro Audio started as more of a vision for other retailers while working as a manufacturers rep.   I wanted to create the ultimate audio shop for retailers alike.  But unfortunately, most of them didn't share my passion or vision.  

When the opportunity slapped me in the face I figured why help other retailers when they really don't care about their customers, their employees, and certainly not their reps.  

So I opened up what I thought would be the go to stereo shop.  One that prided itself on it's passion for customer service, knowledge, the willingness to go that extra mile to ensure the customers absolute satisfaction.  

I decided to name it All Pro Audio because we do it all... we're professionals.  

I just grew tired of money grubbing owners who wanted nothing more than an invoice... so here it is.   A shop that actually cares about the complete satisfaction of it's customers.

Hopefully there's a happy ending... but so far, it's been a fun ride.


Meet the Owner

Back in 1983... blah blah blah.

I've been in the audio industry  for 25 plus years now... the last four years as a manufacturers representative for such brands as JL Audio, Eclipse, Delphi, Dynamat, Diamond Audio, and many more.   I worked directly with all the retailers in the Northern California region.... i've taken the good and bad in a majority of those stores.. and decided to bring my vision to Stevens Creek Blvd.  

I'm home grown... lived in the South Bay all my life, having attended Cupertino High School.. and SJSU for a short time.

I have a daughter who I absolutely adore... she's smarter than I... she'll be running this show in a couple of years.  

I love sports... big Raiders fan.... SF Giants fan.... SJ Sharks fan... and a Warriors fan.   I'm big on the UFC.... something about watching people beat each other up at their expense.... i'm good with that.  

I love humans... like talking to them, like laughing and joking with them.  Humans are cool... dogs are cool...